Check out our list of the 10 best video games of far.

2013 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for video game releases. We’re not even two months into the new year and there’s already been a slew of top notch games for your to shove into your consoles and PC’s.

Everything from run-and-gun old school gory shooters to adorable JRPG grindfests are available to delight your thumbs and eyes. At the very least, some of the games below will hold you over until Bioshock Infinite, Watchdogs, or The Last Guardian are released.

Even though the year is young, we've come up with an awesome list of the 10 best video games of 2013.

  • 10

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    It has been quite awhile since the release of a decent Alien game. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a video game that will have your face glued to your TV like a pre-natal xenomorph. While not the most graphically appealing or advanced game to come out in 2013, it can be a lot of fun.

    In one of the best games of 2013, you're given a gun and a whole bunch of snarling aliens to send on to the Xenomorph afterlife. The acid covered sprinkles on top is the ability to play as the Xenomorphs themselves and hunt down some squishy humans. Fact: Aliens like brains more than zombies.

  • 9

    Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior

    If you’ve been starved for a decent sniper game, and have been taking out your frustrations on unsuspecting Halo and Call of Duty players, then Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior is for you. Rather than just a sniper rifle being a small aspect of another game, this one puts it into the forefront and delivers the best sniping experience you'll find in any new game.

    The controls are clean and crisp and make picking off helicopter pilots a breeze. At the very least, it will give us a break from those annoying spawn camping snipers in other multiplayer games for a little while.

  • 8

    Anarchy Reigns

    This goofy little game flew under the radar for most people, but it should definitly not be overlooked because it's one of the best video games of 2013 so far. If Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Playstation All-Stars weren’t giving you the "beat-’em-up satisfaction" you  crave, then give Anarchy Reigns a try.

    Featuring a full-color Jack from Madworld, the game has all the skull-crushing action a player could want and even has a four player option to spread the head- bashing and ground-pounding around. If anything, it is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends without maiming each other for real.

  • 7

    Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

    Remember the good old days when video games were just blowing up hundreds of demons with metal music in the background? While technically not a new game, the HD remake/sequel of Painkiller is worthy of a spot on our list of the 10 best games of 2013 so far.

    There are no chest high walls for you to hide behind like a coward. This is an old-school shooter where you have to circle strafe your way to victory over the legions of hell. You move quickly and there are tons of baddies dying to have their limbs removed from their bodies courtesy of your spinning blades and lightning-shooting weapons. It is a refreshing trip back to the crazy days of first-person shooters when realism wasn’t even in the planning meeting.

  • 6

    The Cave

    Everyone loves the lovely people over at Double Fine Productions. Their latest stroke of brilliance is The Cave. With echos of an adventure game mixed with a side-scrolling platformer, The Cave has something for everyone to love.

    There’s mystery, hijinks and puzzles galore in this charming little title. It’s the perfect antidote to the fast FPS blues. For a bit of clever innovation and a dollop personality, The Cave earns a spot on our coveted list of the best games of 2013.

  • 5

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    The original Sly Cooper games were some of the best cartoony platformers around. They were slick, funny and enjoyable. Hot on the heels of the somewhat recent re-released HD collection of the original games, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time brings the franchise back up to date.

    Thieves in Time follows Sly and his group of friends on their quest to save the Cooper family throughout time. It is a rip-roaring adventure platformer but be warned -- unless you’re a raccoon, you probably shouldn't try a career as a time traveling thief.

  • 4

    DMC: Devil May Cry

    Everyone was a little worried when the Devil May Cry franchise migrated west for a reboot. They thought the game would lose some of that sparkle. Ninja Theory took good care of Dante and what fans got was a brilliant re-imagining of the franchise that lost none of the ridiculous combat or cutscenes which made the games legendary.

    Dante may have dark hair, but he hasn't lost any of the attitude in this spectacularly fun reboot. It slices, dices, and shoots its way onto our list of the 10 best video games of 2013.

  • 3

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    If you haven’t dusted off your 3DS since you played Ocarina of Time 3D, then you’ll definitely want to give it cleaning before you pop in Fire Emblem: Awakening. This game has everything you could want from a tactical RPG - an engaging story, deep gameplay and spectacular graphics that should be a staple of every RPG regardless of geographic origin. It will easily make everyone's year-end lists of best games of 2013.

  • 2

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Fans of Studio Ghibli have been frothing at the mouth for this Pokemon-esque adventure. It is the closest thing we’ve found to jumping into one of the studio’s fanciful films.

    With a remarkable story, memorable characters, and fun combat, Ni No Kuni is a huge winner. Even if it does get a bit grindy at times, you won’t mind it because something with a big nose is talking to you with a Scottish accent. If anything, it is the most unique game to come out in the first few months of 2013.

  • 1

    Dead Space 3

    Topping our list of the 10 best video games of 2013 is the always enjoyable, and pants wetting, Dead Space 3. The Dead Space series has deviated somewhat from its survival horror origins but what it lacks in honest scares, it makes up for with pulse-pounding action. Dead Space 3 is the perfect amalgam of unnerving atmosphere and engaging action.

    With the new co-op section, you get a chance to share the fear with a friend. Or, you could just play it by yourself in the dark and cry quietly at any random creak in your apartment. The choice is up to you.

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