We're not really sure what a booze cruise entails, but it sounds pretty awesome to us -- any kind of travel is just plain better after a bit of whiskey or a couple of beers -- especially bike riding. Kickstarter user Yannick Read has come up with a way to infuse the booze into his cycling -- the 'Handlebar Minibar' invention. It's basically exactly what it sounds like-- a way to store an alcoholic drink in the handlebars of your bike. Read has created test tube-like inserts that fit most bike handlebars. Why'd he do it? because he loves cycling and is "also rather partial to cherry brandy..." That's the classiest answer we've ever heard; this dude definitely has an awesome mustache.

We're not encouraging drunk bike riding by any means, especially because the vials hold less than half a shot of booze. However, having alcohol handy on a bike ride means that you travel with your nightcap, and that's also really classy. The handlebar tubes can also hold other small items like money or cigarettes.

If you think a boozy bikeride would be worthwhile, which we imagine it completely would be, head on over to Yannick's Kickstarter site and support the classy gentleman.

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