Claire Smedley, a British mother of three who happens to also possess Great Britain's largest breasts, is terrified her massive knockers will kill her relationship with her current boyfriend and father of her children.

You may ask, why would big boobs kill a relationship with a heterosexual, red-blooded male? The answer is pretty simple -- these knockers have a history of relationship ruin;  they almost literally killed her ex.

Three years ago when Claire was 27, her ex-boyfriend Mark nearly died when she suffocated him with her 40LL breasts, which at the time weighed more than 15 pounds each. Claire said, "Usually, he loved being smothered by them, and on this occasion, he started flailing around wildly. But I assumed it was because he was so excited, so I kept going. A few minutes later, I noticed he'd stopped moving."

By that time, Mark, also 27, was still and not breathing. Claire panicked and was on the verge of calling emergency officials when Mark began to cough and sat up dazed and confused. However, the damage to the relationship had been done. The near-death experience caused Mark to fear sex with Smedley and after three months, they split.

Ms. Smedley claims her unusually high estrogen levels are what caused her boobs to grow way out of proportion; they've also caused her to have an extremely high sex drive. Her current partner Chris says she demands sex at least 5x a day. Chris also stated that while he loves her large breasts, he's a bit fearful of them as well.

"Chris loves being smothered by my boobs, but I'm always on my guard after what happened last time. Once he's had enough he'll tap by leg and I'll get off. It's nice to know he appreciates them, but I won't let things go too far."

Claire's massive hooters are not a total detriment, since she has now used them as a career path -- she's taken to modeling topless for several websites. Claire has participated in 10 topless photo shoots so far, and has plans to go on a topless tour of Europe, where she thinks she can make serious money showing off her wares. Her wares, by the way, have now grown to a whopping 40MMM size and weigh over 35 pounds each. Energizer boobies: They keep growing, and growing...

Claire's boobs continue to grow as does her loving relationship with Chris. All we can say is thank goodness for breast friends.

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