The couple who robs together, stays together. Clearly that’s the hope of Sean Foxx of San Antonio, TX who managed to earn two balls and chains in one crime spree. The very romantic boyfriend of Treila Woods asked her to marry him after they were both arrested for aggravated robbery.

Everyone knows you get aggravated a lot after you’re married, but this couple wanted to test out getting aggravated before they decided to get hitched. Getting pinched for aggravated burglary anyway. Due to what she probably thinks are over-inflated prices, Woods had allegedly been caught shoplifting at a San Antonio Family Dollar Store. Managers there tried to keep her from leaving the store, but her dashing hero of a boyfriend came to her aid.

The Robin Hood-like couple escaped the store and police were called in to help. They caught up with the love/jailbirds a short time later and the pair were arrested. The couple must have decided that two long sentences were better than one, so Foxx asked Woods to marry him right after they were arrested.

Sources say the wedding colors will be orange and silver and all will be wearing jumpsuits. There’s no word on whether or not they’ll pay for any of their wedding supplies, but we’re pretty sure they are going to register at the Family Dollar.

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