Look, some people are just not good on job interviews. This is the tale of one of those people.

A man in Japan wound up in jail after he swiped the wallet belonging to the president of the company where he was interviewing for a job. Yeah, he stole it during the job interview. Let's just hope he said "not afraid to take risks" when asked his strongest -- and weakest -- qualities.

Shogo Takeda was interviewing at an elevator maintenance company earlier this month when the president walked out of the room. Instead of using that brief moment to straighten his tie or spray some Binaca, he elected to take the wallet, which had about $450 in it, and then finished the interview.

After the interview, the president realized his wallet had gone MIA and called police. They quickly determined only Takeda could have taken it.

He had left his resume, complete with address and phone number, with the company so it wasn't exactly a challenge to track him down.

Takeda confessed to the crime with a logic that anyone down on their luck would understand. “I wanted to work for that company, but since I haven’t got a job I needed money,” he said.

He didn't find out if he got the job, but something tells us he's not at the top of the list of candidates.

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