It is not difficult to see the obvious similarities between snakes and that all-governing sex organ in your pants: both are long, (technically) boneless and become keenly alert when stalking prey. Now the similarities are down-right uncanny.

Engineers currently building a dam in the Amazon have stumbled upon a species now dubbed the "penis snake." The specimen is a type of caecillian -- a long, limbless amphibian with a distinct purple-ish color that breathes through its vein-lined skin.  For those of you who happen to speak Latin, and are fascinated with animal classifications, the snaked are being labeled as Atretochoana eiselti.

The similarities end there though since the animal was measured at 30 inches long and, well, none of us are lucky. One word of advice to any of our female readers: if any guy does indeed show you a trouser snake that big, we suggest you run away, preferably in a side-to-side motion like you would any other snake.