We’re fans of all kinds of bacon-- bringing home the bacon, using the stuff as meat money, and getting clever with some bacon recreations of classic album covers. We’d make sweet, sweet love to this ultimate man food, if it was possible to make sweet, sweet love to food.

So when Burger King rolled out the Bacon Sundae, all hell in our bacon-loving minds broke loose, in the best way possible. Turns out ladies are fans of the grease-fest food, too. Actually, we take that back. To say this female BK customer is a fan of the meaty dessert would be a horrific understatement. The woman is basically proving that it’s completely possible to have a full-out foodgasm, although we're not exactly sure if she's having the real deal. Ok, she definitely is.

In between letting out all sorts of moans and groans while stuffing her face with the meaty and creamy treat (there's no way we could pass up that innuendo), the woman keeps yelling, 'Do you understand?!' We do understand, lady. You're sexually violating your dessert in the middle of a fast food restaurant.

We have a sneaking suspicion this is exactly how things would go down in the bedroom with this bacon-loving lady, which would be totally fine, because we share a strong connection to the meat strips. Except, she starts to cry over the bacon, and the whole getting emotional over our meat thing would be a major turnoff.

Forget it-- we're going to have nightmares regardless.