This recent paparazzi photo of the baby from The Hangover is just more proof that child actors are prone to damaging behavior at a young age.

Okay, not really. It's actually just the worst passport photo in recorded history. ABCNews calls the little guy  'adorable' but...We'd use other adjectives.

The father of the 5-month-old posted the hysterically awkward photo on Reddit two days ago, and the picture has already gone viral. Naturally, the baby has no idea that he's become the talk of America, which is probably for the best. When we get tagged in pictures like this, it's usually after a Saturday night we'd like to forget.

We're told that these pictures aren't actually going to be used in the passport, thank god, but we're glad the outtake has been immortalized on the internet for all eternity. Joel -- the father -- reported the lesson he takes away from his son's overnight internet stardom: "What I've learned is that the internet rewards ugly babies more than cute babies."

Congrats kid! You're... ugly?