Every hardcore gearhead loves seeing a classic beauty break the sound barrier, but seeing one crash can really break a guy's heart.

Peter Tryce was racing his open-top Cobra at the Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. The car hit a straightaway at 130 mph.

The car started to shimmy at one point but that wasn't enough for Tryce to pull over and stop trying to defy the whim of the speed gods. The vehicle veered to the right. When it hit dirt, it caught some air and started to roll into a cloud of twisted metal and dust.

Tryce had a camera on his dashboard capturing his run, so the entire accident is caught on video from start to finish. You can watch below.

Somehow, Tryce escaped any serious injuries from the very violent crash. He posted the entire horrible mess on his YouTube page, along with a running commentary. It turns out part of the front suspension or steering on his Cobra caused it to violently veer.

From the looks of the accident, he's lucky that's all that was broken.

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