If you are thinking about traveling abroad anytime soon, we found a place you NEVER want to go: Papua New Guinea. Last week, authorities in Papua New Guinea arrested 29 members of an alleged cannibal cult, whom they suspect killed as many as seven witch doctors, so they could eat their raw brains and make soup from their penises.

While not judging the culinary capabilities of the cannibals — because really, no one whom we've ever seen 'eat' a penis has cooked it —authorities believe that the cult gained power because villagers relied on them to eliminate witch doctors, who were price gauging in return for casting out evil spirits and providing other services to the citizens.

The witch doctors had also allegedly started demanding sexual favors. So, the cannibals, estimated to number between 700 and 1,000, began eating them. Cannibalism is still part of village culture in remote parts of Papua New Guinea. The natives call human flesh 'long pig.'

And you thought the U.S. had a problem with its healthcare system.

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