Home is where the heart is but work is where the sex is -- according to a new survey from a website that helps hook up cheaters with other cheaters.

Victoria Milan, the online dating site for married and attached people seeking to get some screw on the side, just published the results of survey saying that if women cheat, it's usually with someone in the office. At least the FIRST time they cheat. The website can't track of all the comings and goings of these sluts.

Fully 36% of the 3,256 cheating female respondents who took part in the study revealed that their first episode of infidelity was with someone they met at work. Furthermore, 28% of the women said that it was a boss or colleague that made them want to start cheating on their partner in the first place.

It makes complete sense, considering guys have eight hours a day to flirt and get her to believe that you're not good enough for her. Well, you're not, but that's besides the point.

So, if you want your woman to stop cheating, make her quit her job. There are a ton of other Friendly's for her to waitress at -- just not the one by your office with the waitress you're giving the Happy Ending to at lunch.

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