Well, this is one way to perk up in the morning.

A chef on a morning show in an undetermined country appears to have been caught cutting a line of cocaine.

It happens pretty quickly, but it sure looks like he's divvying up the coke. The case for him planning to snort the snow is furthered by the fact that he makes a face like, "Uh-oh, I'm busted."

Even worse? There's rolled-up money on the table right near him. It doesn't appear to be American currency, but you know what? Cocaine is non-denominational, so any form of cash that can be turned into a makeshift straw, from drachma to yen to rupee, will do.

If this guy was part of some cooking segment, we can only imagine what he did once he grabbed a spoon and reached for a flame on one of the oven burners.