A Chinese man who lost both of his hands eight years ago after a homemade bomb exploded, has built himself a new pair of hands. Yes, he built himself a pair of bionic hands.  We know what you're thinking....how did he even start without any hands in the first place?  

Sun Jifa lost his hands when one of the explosives he used for blast fishing prematurely detonated.  He couldn't afford prosthetic limbs, but he still desperately needed the use of his hands in order to work on the family farm.  So, he decided to make some of his own.

After eight years of making prototypes out of scrap metal, Sun created a pair of metal hands that can grip and hold.  A series of wires and pulleys inside the shell of the bionic arms allow Sun to control his movements. Using movement from his elbows, Sun us able to pick up and hold objects once again.

Sun plans to develop a design for other disabled individuals and continue to make us all feel super lazy.

Chinese Bionic Arm Man 2

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