Christine Quinn has appeared in 'Shark Night 3D' and 'Humans Versus Zombies' and will star in the forthcoming 'The Ghost of Goodnight Lane' with Billy Zane. She also wants a guy that will just lie there and not make a sound. That will make sense in due time.

In a 'Crush of the Day' first our subject, the gorgeous and talented Ms. Quinn, actually thought it would be a good idea to talk to us for a couple minutes over the phone. She immediately regretted that decision.

GuySpeed: You've been in been in 'Shark Night 3D' and 'Humans Vs. Zombies.' All you need on your acting resume is a movie about bacon and you've hit the internet meme trifecta. Any pending movies about bacon?

I wish I was, because who doesn't love bacon, but I don't have any upcoming movies involving bacon. But if anything changes, you'll be the first to know.

GuySpeed: Are you in any movies with Kevin Bacon?

Actually I was! I was a featured extra in a movie with him called 'Father of Invention' and Kevin Bacon and Kevin Spacey were both in it. Plus all my friends were psyched because they were officially less than six degrees away from Kevin Bacon.

GuySpeed: Weren't you also in 'Super?' Kevin Bacon was in 'Super?'

Yes I was, but I don't actually talk in Super. The director James Gunn called me up and said "I just need a girl to come in and smoke weed in a scene" and I said "Yup, I'm your girl. Done and done." I hate to say this, I've only seen some of Super, I haven't seen all of it. I'm told that my scene is in the beginning of the movie.

GuySpeed: What type of preparation goes into a role like "Stoner Girl?"

Fortunately, high school prepared me very well for the role.

GuySpeed: Did you get to meet Rainn Wilson and did you accidentally call him 'Dwight?'

Yes, I got to meet him. Great guy. Super cool. Nothing like his role on 'The Office.' He is very shy and quiet. He didn't have to talk to me, because I was just an extra, but he did and was very nice to all of us.

GuySpeed: Since you won't be any movies about bacon, what movies are you going to be in?

I just finished shooting 'The Ghost of Goodnight Lane' and wrapped up two TV pilots. I just saw the footage from the movie the other day and it's really going to be an amazing film. The cast is star-studded, sex appeal from top to bottom. It's funny, and there is blood, and there is Billy Zane.

Christine B. Quinn Humans Versus Zombies

GuySpeed: How many times did you say "Stay out of this Billy Zane" to him while on set?

Ha! You know, I didn't.

GuySpeed: Because we're sure he has never heard that line.

Yeah, you try not to bring stuff up like that to other actors. He is a really great guy. We had so much fun on set. He does a really great German accent and I do this really good Russian accent and in-between takes we'd yell at each other in different accents. He did tell me that they are making 'Zoolander 2.' So that's pretty cool.

GuySpeed: Do those accents ever come in handy aside from movie roles?

Yeah, when I go out with girlfriends, they make me do different accents all the time. Last night, we all went out and they made me do "Onya." She is my Ukranian alter-ego. All the boys love it and it's how we get free drinks.

GuySpeed: Oh, yeah, we're sure it's the accents that gets you free drinks.


Haha. It's probably just the accents.

GuySpeed: Ever use an accent to get out of talking to a guy?

All the time, but the sad part is, some guys actually like women that can't speak English. It's kind of weird. It backfires.

GuySpeed: Just to clue you in, guys are perverted idiots. If the girl is attractive enough we don't get turned off by anything.

Yeah, I've noticed. "What, huh, you used to be a man? Well…"

GuySpeed: Yes, we'd weigh the pros and cons of it at least. "Well she is hot, she used to be a dude, but she might like football." Anyway, we also heard a little rumor you were once in Playboy. We can't confirm the rumor, but the photos hanging in our office seem like rock solid evidence.

Yes, I was in Playboy. It was amazing really. I got a call from the lead editor when 'Shark Night 3D' was coming out and they said they'd love to feature me in the magazine. I had so much fun. How many girls can say they were in Playboy and didn't even have to get naked? Although, all the guys I know were really pissed after they bought the magazine only to find out I kept my clothes on. They wanted their $7.99 back.

GuySpeed: Last question, we are going to play 'F,Marry, Kill' and you tell me which person you want to marry, which you'd just want to sleep with and which you'd just kill. The choices are 'a zombie, a shark and Kevin Bacon.'

Ha! Well, I'd probably want to marry a zombie because they don't talk and walk really slow. I'd sleep with Kevin Bacon because it's the only one of the three I could actually sleep with but that means I'd have to kill a shark but I love sharks!

GuySpeed: We were guessing you'd sleep with the zombie because he'd just lie there.

Well, then isn't that the same as being married to him?

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