Competitive eaters never cease to amaze.

Competitive eater Matt Stonie decided to do say thanks to his half million YouTube fans by repeating doing the first-ever challenge he did -- scarfing down something called a Burritozilla.

The item in question is a five-pound, 18-inch burrito. That's more food than you'll find in any given supermarket aisle.

Don't blink or else you'll miss Stonie pack the burrito away. Yup, he manages to polish off the whole thing in under two minutes, as impressive a feat of cuisine consumption as you'll come across.

Yes, it's pretty amazing Stonie can devour this much food with the ease of a little kid downing Smarties, but is it really necessary? Why is competitive eating even a thing? Are these people in a rush? Are they afraid other people may see they have a lot of food and ask if they can have a bite?

It's all a bit weird, especially considering there's no shortage of food. It's not like we have to eat as much as we can whenever possible because we don't know where our next meal will be. This is the US, not Ethiopia. Take time to savor the food, people.