You've got to have a big set of cajones to do what this guy is doing.

A man from New York's Staten Island sentenced to 25 years behind bars for murdering his wife has posted a brazen ad on the dating site Yeah, that's nerve, right? What really has people up in arms, though, is what he wrote:

I'm not married and I don't have any kids. No baby-mama drama here!"

A convicted murderer with a sense of humor. That's the dream of every little girl, right?

Jonathan Crupi was sentenced last September for murdering his wife, Simeonette Mapes, in 2012. Mapes' mother was not at all pleased with the words her son-in-law used in his ad. "It was just the way that he wrote that, it was like an attack on us," Theresa Mapes said. "That's how I felt. It was an attack on this family. Like he hasn't done enough."

Crupi is a real catch (at least for the authorities). After pushing Mapes down a flight of stairs and stabbing her 15 times, he allegedly hooked up with a prostitute and tried to cover it up to make it look like someone broke into their home. He still says he is innocent.

A lawyer for Crupi defended his client's attempt to find love online. "Although I can see how the victim's family could view such a profile as being disrespectful, I could understand my client's point of view by trying to keep his hope alive," he said.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of public opinion for lawyers going even further down the drain.

Good luck to Crupi, although we'd have to caution any woman reduced to trying to find Mr. Right on a site called convictpenpals. You're definitely looking for love in all the wrong places.