This man is a piece of...well, you know.

A police officer in San Antonio has been fired for giving a homeless man a sandwich filled with fecal matter.

According to KIAH:

Officer Matthew Luckhurst is accused of putting fecal matter between two slices of bread, and then intentionally giving it to a homeless man.

Luckhurst, who had been on the force for five years, reportedly bragged about the stunt back in May to a colleague, who reported the incident to superiors.

Luckhurst claims he picked up the waste, slapped it on some bread and then put it in a container for the homeless man. His lawyer claims it was nothing more than a joke that "spiraled out of control."

It's unclear if the man took a bite. Authorities have tried to track him down, but have yet to do so.

The city's police chief called Luckhurst's prank "a vile and disgusting act."

At least Luckhurst can take solace in knowing he's not the only police officer to lose his job because of horrible judgment.