It's not a surprise that this guy was taken downtown.

Paul Terry, 26, was hauled into the Tulsa County Jail in Oklahoma last week for robbing a man in his home. That's not the real story, though.

Check out the tattoos he's sporting in his mug shot (the naughty word has been blurred out).

Tulsa Police Department

Terry and his ex-girlfriend, Sonja Moro, 29, allegedly robbed a man after knocking on his door. To the surprise of no one, police were able to track down Terry the next day, in part, because of his very distinguishable ink.

And while it's easy to knock Terry for the poor choice of tats, let's give him some major props for managing to remain friends with his ex. They say it's tough, but he somehow managed to not only remain in touch with her, but team up with her in his career of choice. Nice.

We're going to go out on a limb here and say Terry won't get off too easily, although considering he's got those horn tattoos, we'd recommend he try the "devil made me do it" defense.