A guy from Queens took his odd request of a massage and an enema to the right place -- the free online classifieds of Craigslist. It's the home of people asking for all types of crazy trades -- including kicks to the crotch -- so why not give it a shot?

According to the man posting the classified, this scenario is an "ideal situation for a student who is learning" how to give a massage. It's also perfect for students looking to give enemas. If you're learning both, you're in luck, and please be gentle.

The guy has osteoarthritis so he posted a request on the website for a two-hour massage. In exchange for the rubdown, he'll give the massager a "rare 1950s poster" of Sigmund Freud thinking about a naked woman. After the body squeezing the guy requested an "internal cleansing" AKA an enema to be inserted by the unlucky massager.

That poster would look perfect in any family room.

"Interesting poster Gene, where did you get it?"

"Funny story. Ever been on Craigslist? You're going to want to put down your shrimp puff for this..."

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