If you hadn't heard back in January that NBC made the last-minute decision to cancel an episode of 'Fear Factor' titled "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!", consider yourself lucky.

The episode pitted twins against other twins in, as is par for the course on 'Fear Factor,' an often gross battle. This specific challenge featured two sets of female twins and one set of guys.  "The Fear Factor Juice Stand," as host Joe Rogan introduced it, served up two types of "refreshing beverages: donkey semen and donkey urine."Despite Rogan's caveat about how in New Zealand drinking semen was the norm because it helped men's virility, NBC executive Bob Greenblatt reviewed the episode and decided against airing it.

Now thanks to the rotten state of Denmark (we know it's not a state), the donkey drinking contest has hit the airwaves and YouTube.

The contestants had to decide who would drink which horrifying liquid, then toss a horseshoe (a yellow one for urine, naturally) to see how much or how little they would have to consume the fastest.  All ended up having to down at least 24 oz. of semen.

In the end, we learned two things: Urine is much easier to consume than semen and women have an edge over men in regards to swallowing.


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