Other than perhaps the 'Terminator,' Christian Bale's low voice in 'The Dark Knight' movies is the most fun sound to imitate. YouTube personality TheRobsonExperience is just the latest person to do so, but his movie re-creation is one of the funniest.

Why? Because Robson shows us what the film franchise would look like on budget. We're referring, of course, to the 'Flintstones'-style Batbike held together with duct tape that only moves when you make engine sounds with your voice.

Check out the odd scene below.

One thing is for sure -- Robson is in very good shape. He'd have to be to run all throughout the streets like that, right? We're guessing he stays in shape by not eating fast food, as if he could order it even if he wanted to (did you keep watching 'till the very end?)

Now all we want to see is what 'The Avengers' would look like on a budget. Oh, wait...

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