You probably didn't pay much attention to Tina Majorino in her role as Deb from 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Between the side ponytail and the fanny pack, it was pretty obvious that she wasn't supposed to be a "hot" character. It got us thinking, though; if it took a weird wardrobe and hairdo to make it clear, was she really a babe? The answer is yes; she is a babe.

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Tina actually started her career in the early 90s, when she played Sophie on ABC's 'Camp Wilder' in 1993. The next year she starred in four back-to-back feature films: 'When a Man Loves a Woman,' 'Corrina, Corrina,' and 'Andre,' and the infamous 'Waterworld;' the moment when we stopped taking Kevin Costner seriously.

In 1999 she played Alice in 'Alice In Wonderland,' and then took a 5-year break from acting to finish school, and have a normal childhood. This seems like the key to not transitioning from child-actor to drug addict, and we applaud her.

She made her triumphant return to the screen in 2004's 'Napoleon Dynamite,' playing a weird little door-to-door saleswoman trying to "earn money for college," and Napoleon's love interest. Guess he could see something we couldn't, with those huge glasses.

What's next for her? Deb says she wants to produce, direct, write, and design. We just hope she stays in front of the camera too, because:

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