When DVR first entered our homes, commercials pretty much got the boot out the back door. The ability to speed through ads on our saved shows not only sheltered us from the mind-controlling scepter of the ad wizards, but freed up a bunch of time for us to do other things -- Like watching more TV.

Picky ingrates that we are, we're still annoyed with DVR for how it requires pinpoint fast-forward precision to skip all the commercials and start the recording when our show begins. More often than we'd care to admit, we'll fast-forward five minutes past our intended point, over-correct by rewinding back before the original commercial break and end up stuck in a commercial-skipping treadmill.

Electronic House reports the end of such screw-ups is at hand. Dish Network is introducing the Hopper DVR system, which automatically skips commercials, letting you feast on the good stuff. Well, maybe "good" is too high praise for 'Two and a Half Men', but you catch our drift.

The feature is called Auto Hop, and it sounds too good to be true. We're waiting for network overlords to figure out ways to punish us for daring to try to hop past its moneymakers.

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