We may now why it takes so long to do your business at the DMV.

It may have something to do with the fact they're more focused on their love lives.

A DMV employee in Staten Island, New York has been arrested for using the department's database to get contact information for a customer and then call her up to ask her out on a date.

Peter Grosetto, 29, did not help the woman when she came in earlier this month, but, apparently was so smitten after seeing her that he just had to go to great lengths to find out if she wanted to go out.

Grosetto called the woman under the guise that he was a "quality assurance representative" and wanted to see how her experience at the DMV was. He quickly dropped the charade and asked her out.

Bad news for him, though: she's married and turned him down before she filed a complaint with the DMV. For his efforts, he was arrested on Tuesday on charges of computer trespassing and unauthorized use of a computer.

You gotta admire his gumption. If the woman had been interested, this would've made his gesture sweet and they'd still be laughing about it while sharing the story how they met with their grandkids. But because she wasn't interested, this guy is a skeezy pervert -- you know, the kind of guy you'd expect to work at, say, the DMV.