While it's tough to find the bright side of not only totaling your hot car, but splitting it into separate pieces, and getting to live to wreck another day is always a plus. Such was the experience of a Vancouver man whose Audi ended up burning on someone's lawn as he sat nearby, trying to make sense of the situation.

Jalopnik, calling it the worst crash its seen in five years, muses about the guy's action flick-worthy wreck, in which he took a bend on a residential road too quickly, barreling into a pole that slashed the sedan in two.

It took authorities 10 minutes to respond to the Audi-turned-bonfire. The driver, who is believed to have been drinking, was found only to have minimal injuries.

A cop gives a money quote to News1130:

"Within about an inch or two inches, he would have been hit by the pole and probably would have killed himself. If anybody else had been in the vehicle, they would have been dead."

The spot is no stranger to accidents -- the owner of the yard that now acts as the Audi burial spot estimates that "more than a dozen cars have ended up in their lawn over the last twenty years." A quick rundown of accidents include a loss of three fire hydrants, a '90s Civic hatchback nearly running into the house upside down, a BMW 3-Series ended up in the rock garden and a Ford van dropping its contents onto the street.

These are all very good excuses for not putting much money or effort into keeping the grass looking nice. "Get that wreck off my lawn! I just put down seed!"

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