A couple of middle-aged women, ripped out of their minds on rum and menopause, created a near international incident aboard a commercial airliner.

According to reports, a British Airways flight was forced to make a slight detour in order to drop off a couple of lit lunatics to the authorities after they ran amok aboard a plane in route from Gatwick to Tunisia.

Witness say that the two women, aged 50 and 43, were drinking Malibu rum straight from the bottle, cursing at children, smoking in the bathroom, and one even threatened to kill the family of a stewardess who was trying to calm them down. Sounds like Golden Girls gone wild!

The pilot finally decided to make an emergency landing to hand the drunken hags over to police after they attempted to weasel their way into the cockpit to meet the captain. Perhaps they misunderstood the meaning of the word cockpit.

Both women were turned over to French police where they reportedly spent the night in jail before being put on a returning flight the next morning - aboard the red eye and hungover, we presume.

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