There’s no denying traffic sucks. While it’s the perfect time to pluck a few nose hairs in the rearview mirror or catch a stripper on the side of the road, that stuff can get boring pretty quickly. Over in the Netherlands, we’ve discovered sitting in traffic really sucks. Literally.

Before we get into anything, we’d like to say we’ve always been fans of the Dutch; they invented those sexy clogs and the dutch oven, right? Now we’re also fans of this guy. He’s just sitting alone in bumper-to-bumper, probably scoping out his nose hair situation while casually glancing around at the other cars. Nothing to see here, folks.

But then-- wait for it… wait for it… OHHH! Up pops the the awfully generous lady friend who’s making standstill traffic a wee bit more enjoyable. Basically, the Dutch dude is getting a roadie. A Lewinsky. A hoover. We always knew those Netherland guys were awesome! To  make matters ten times more hilarious, there’s a school bus full of onlookers taping the entire thing.

Now although there isn’t any explicit shot of said BJ, we do realize there are few reasons women hang out in the laps of guys behind the wheel. Maybe we’ll give this female passenger the benefit of the doubt and assume she was simply taking a cat nap. You know, just giving her head a rest.

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