E3 doesn't seem like it's going to spring very many surprises on folks this year. Nearly every video game announced so far has been from well-established series and obvious titles that the developers had to push out.

No one was taken back by a new Gears of War title even though they claimed to have finished the trilogy, for instance. But Ubisoft, of all companies, stunned the crowd with their demo of the previously unannounced Watch Dogs. How did they keep this a secret?

The big gimmick in Watch Dogs is that it's an open-world game that features a hacker named Aiden Pearce who can break into anything with a computer on the fly, from cell phones to security cameras to traffic lights. This on top of the usual driving and shooting gameplay that you'd expect from a third person game of this type makes for a whole new way to explore a world and tackle missions.

Ubisoft has released three videos of gameplay so far. In this first one you'll notice the absolutely stunning graphics engine.

So yeah, looks great, but still pretty much another Grand Theft Auto, right? Here's the second Watch Dogs trailer which shows you a bit more of the story, as well as how you can hack into devices. There's even a little bit of combat at the end.

If that wasn't enough to wow you, this video will show you how you choose to handle a mission. Love the little details, like the way Aiden holds a pistol behind his back to hide it, how he can pull down his face mask when he's getting into trouble, and how he pulls that passenger from the car crash even though the driver's dead. Plus, those are some incredibly cinematic action sequences.  Really refreshing to see a new IP like this get so much attention - we can't wait for this one!

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