This guy is either really, really hungry or he wants to set the world record for highest cholesterol count.

This dude riding a subway decided to enjoy a quick snack, like many straphangers do. Unlike many of those straphangers, though, he whipped out a stick of butter and chomped down on it like he was downing a candy bar.

Wow, he must be hungry because he's got a multi-pack of butter with him. At least he doesn't finish the one bar he started in one sitting. You need to save some for later and no one likes a pig, right?

Bottom line: this is incredibly disgusting. And that's saying something considering this took place on a subway where disgusting is as much a part of the ride as an unexplained delay. This famished fella may have been better served picking up a half-eaten apple covered in body hair and flies than enjoying this butter bar.

Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.