According to those trusty old Mayans, we only have 10 days until the end of the world. December 21st is the supposed day of doom, but we don't know why everyone's freaking out so much; this could finally be the arrival of zombie babes. Plus, we're all going down anyway, so we might as well celebrate. That's where La Fin Du Monde ("The End of the World") beer comes in.

Truth is, we don't really believe any of this will actually go down, but we sure as hell will jump on any opportunity to drink, which is why we're huge fans of this beer by Unibroue brewery.

The "Belgian-style golden strong ale" has been a top choice of Canadians for many years, so it's no wonder the company has chosen the blend to capitalize off the impending doom of the end of the world. Even better -- Unibroue has organized a 178 location-wide toast at midnight on December 20th, so we can all say our last goodbyes at once while getting wasted.

We honestly can't think of any better way to bite the dust than with a cold brew in hand, and if those zombie babes do show up, we're sure as hell gonna go out with a bang. Literally.

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