Well, it seems that just like the rest of us even Quiky is getting screwed at the pump nowadays! However, unlike us the jovial bunny appears to be truly enjoying it, sporting the experience with his signature thumbs up that we all were mesmerized by during childhood. Somebody was either incredibly careless or incredibly careful when designing this NesQuik bus.

Suddenly chocolate milk appears to be a bit dirtier now, more adult like. Back in the day there was something incredibly enticing about that funny bunny to us kids. Perhaps it was his smile, the fact that he was cute, or it could have been that we were heavily craving some chocolate milk like that of miniature crack addicts looking for a decent fix. And when our drug-dealers, in this case our parents, would grace us with the presence of our crack, in this case NesQuik, we’d easily take the pleasure as we descended into our chocolaty dope nod.

However, given this photo of Quiky’s love pump, now that thumbs up seems borderline creepy and even a tad pedophilic to kids.

On an unrelated note, wouldn't chocolate milk come out the other end of the bunny?


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