Do you have a problem pulling your girl away from the bar before last call?  Well, you might need to address her drinking problem in the future --but in the meantime this lube will definitely get her motor running.

Personal lubricants usually come in fruity flavors, but this particular lube has the unmistakable taste of whiskey. That's right. Someone invented whiskey flavored lube -- perfect for that girl you picked up at your weekly AA meetings.

The brain child of the people behind Epic Meal Time, this personal lubricant for whiskey and penis lovers everywhere. Who knew there was a crossover?  Whiskey Dick, as it is delightfully named, boasts to be "the gold standard of booze-flavored personal lubricants."  Who took home the silver and bronze medals? Nevermind.

We think this is a pretty good idea, because nothing says "let's get it on" like the smell of booze smeared all over your private parts.  Watch out though, her gag reflex might increase just a tad.

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