One Converse fan has taken his fascination for the sneaker to the next level. In the photograph above you can see that rather than wear a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes, this man has decided to have them tattooed on his feet.

This particular tattoo seemed a little bit odd to us, so we set out to try to find out more about the elusive feet with the Converse tattoo. In doing so, we found this video by a man named Ernesto Nave, which features someone named Troy having a pair of Converse All-Stars, almost identical to those in the photograph, tattooed on his feet.

The production of the video lends us to believe that this crazy stunt was put together as a spec ad for the Converse advertising campaign, marketing their line of customizable Chuck Taylor shoes.

The commercial wasn’t a bad idea. We’re almost positive that Ernesto was excited about his production, and Troy for his pending foot fame. Unfortunately since this is the first we’re seeing of it, we don’t think it worked out quite like they had planned.

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