So, you know that tribal arm band tattoo that you got in 1998? Yeah. Put that ish away, because Mike McWain, of Hanford, Wash. has topped just about every tattoo you've ever seen or will see. His 'Field of Dreams' tattoo is as elaborate as it is expensive.

McWain, a huge baseball fan, spent the last decade and a half collecting baseball artwork that he eventually intended to have tattooed on his body in a 'Field of Dreams' tattoo. Earlier this year, McWain paid tattoo artist Jesse Walsh $10,000 to etch images of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson, Cy Young, Ty Cobb and Yankee Stadium into his skin.

Baseball Tats

This amazing baseball tattoo has more than just randomly placed pictures of Hall of Fame baseball players. The tattoo also includes vintage equipment and an image of McWain's daughter and son. The shading of each baseball player's face, the detail in each logo and the stitching together of all the artwork into a single piece really has transformed McWain's body into a 'Field of Dreams' canvass.  The work took 180 hours to complete at Walsh's Asylum Tattoo in Pasco, Wash.

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You can hear McWain talk about his inspiration for the 'Field of Dreams' tattoo and how it came to be, but it should be apparent that McWain was obsessed with permanently capturing baseball history on his skin.

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