People often act like something (or somebody) they aren't in life. We had no idea people transfered those insecurities to their cars.

Take for example this Mitsubishi 3000GT trying to pass for a Ferrari F430 that recently popped up on eBay. And guess what? This isn't the first time.

The Ferrsubishi is a 1996 model with 99,450 miles but the buyer doesn't want that to deter you from purchasing this almost, almost luxury sports car. Listen to this sell tactic from his eBay listing.

"It has a  special custom made Ferrari muffler and sounds is will get near perfect super car looks..this car is  so much fun to drive ,you would see people taken pictures and videos OMG"

The seller even says it would make a great Christmas gift. He's right. It's perfect for anyone on your gift list you happen to hate.

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