If you're one of those people who are against fast food workers making more money, consider this exhibit A in your argument.

The woman in this NSFW video (note the language), who works at a Checkers, throws a hamburger bun on the floor and instead of immediately tossing it into the trash, she decides to spread it around the ground before picking it up and putting some condiments (looks like mayo and pickles) on it, like she's getting ready to serve it to some very unfortunate customer.

Maybe acts like this are why Checkers never made a dent in the McDonald's-Burger King-Wendy's fast food wars.

If this doesn't inspire to at least consider going organic, what will. Yeah, you may $6 for a cantaloupe, but at least it'll be clean and taste delicious, unlike this burger, which is filthy and tastes like grease, hair and horror.