Forget neatly folded letters in embossed envelopes, University of Florida recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips is going full geek on prep recruits. In the past week, Phillips, who has been tweeting non-traditional marketing images with the hashtag #comeplayWRforthejoker for sometime now, used a mock up of Harry Potter flying over Gators football players. He also changed the Pac-Man video game characters from ghosts into Florida's Southeastern Conference opponents, while Pac-Man was replaced by a chomping gator head. You can view Phillips' full images below:

gator-photoshop-potter copy

What's next: sending pogs of the UF cheerleaders and dance team ? The photoshops are terrible, but that's really not the point. Phillips and Florida are trying to illustrate that the Florida program has a sense of humor. Of course, since Pac-Man was most popular more than a decade before today's high school recruits were born, maybe this campaign doesn't connect with them. While prep football players are more likely to have grown up with Harry Potter, any athlete connecting more with J.K. Rowling's fictional young wizard than former Gator Tim Tebow is more likely to play quidditch than football.

At this rate, Phillips and the Gators will film a 'Harlem Shake' video meant to woo the best high school players in the class of 2030.