Rare is the town where calling 911 results in a porn star showing up on your doorstep, but in Roanoke, VA that may soon be the case -- an actress who's appeared in hundreds of porn videos is currently training to be an EMT.

Tracy Rolan starred in films like 'Masturbation Nation 3' (don't bother with the first two -- they lacked feeling) under the stage name of Harmony Rose, but the 29-year-old has now quit the biz and is looking to help people in a much different way: she's spent the last few months training as a volunteer EMT with the Cave Spring Rescue Squad.

And while that itself may sound like the perfect name for a porn flick, the Roanoke-based group has drawn a lot of attention since Fire Chief Rich Burch found out about Rolan's former profession and, unsure of how to proceed, contacted the Office of the County Attorney for advice.

In a letter, a lawyer there said, "Anything that results in public ridicule of the volunteer squads . . . must be avoided." But while officials try to figure out what to do about the most unusual situation, Rolan seems to have garnered a lot of support from within the community.

On the Facebook page for local news station WDBJ, which originally reported the story, nearly all of the 500 comments left say Rolan should be allowed to continue her training, with one saying, "I believe if you or a loved one is having a true medical emergency, you're not going to care about the former occupation of the person helping you."

Let's just hope a lot of guys don't start faking heart attacks. "The pain is in the crotch area!"