Kennedy is a polarizing figure. She'll tell you as much. Her new book, The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses, the former MTV VJ explains why she was so hated (and often so loved) and relives some of the biggest moments in what she christens "the most important time in MTV's history."

Plucked from a job hosting overnights on KROQ in Los Angeles at the age of 19, Kennedy found herself on air immediately at one of the most powerful and influential cable stations on the planet before she was old enough to drink (which she didn't do -- she was a booze, drug and sexual virgin her entire time at MTV). In the six years at MTV, Kennedy interviewed musical and movie heavyweights and played correspondent at huge events like the MTV movie awards, Woodstock and the Grammy's.

I'm only sixty pages deep into the bio but I've already learned about the debauchery of the original MTV beach house, the monumental b*tch that is Tabitha Soren, Trent Reznor cupped a dude's balls in a make-out session at a packed bar and Henry Rollins used to bang Madonna. That's just in the first few chapters!

Love her or hate her, any fan of mid-90s MTV should pick up the book. I was on the fence about her but I'm slowly setting up a tent in the Kennedy camp.

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