We can't remember the last time we sat down with a newspaper and really read the news; mostly because we have no idea where to find one these days, and that behavior seems reserved for men of leisure with monocles and pocket squares. At least that's how we picture it. Thankfully, the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington has come up with a pretty clever way to keep us in the know-- "news receipts."

The west coast restaurant recently teamed up with The Associated Press to create this food-meets-news program called "The Latest News." Headlines are basically fed into computer software at the restaurant, which in turn prints relevant news on the back of your tab.

We think this is a pretty cool idea, and it has some great potential; the longer the receipt, the more news you get. AKA the more you drink, the smarter you'll be. Hopefully the program stays away from human interest news stories, since we tend to get a little...emotional, when we drink.

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