When you're a kid in school, doling out wedgies might land you in detention at worst. But as some 18-year-old knucklehead in Florida recently learned, its a totally different story when you're an adult.

Charles Ross thought it would be funny to videotape himself while dispensing wedgies outside a movie theater in Manatee county. But a 20-year-old male victim wasn't amused and alerted cops, who arrested the prankster on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Cops say Ross gave wedgies to several other people, but they were "too embarrassed to want to pursue charges.” Ross reportedly filmed the crime with a camera, and probably meant to add the video to his YouTube page, which includes clips of him harassing dozens of strangers in public areas.

Not cool, dude. With this stunt, you've officially gone from slightly amusing to totally annoying. Go away immediately.

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