We're all about the strange -- weird fetishes, showing up naked for interviews; you name it, and we'll probably get behind it. There are a few rare instances,though, when even we get a little weirded out. This, friends, is one of those times.

Kang Yi is a Chinese performance artist who recently created an installation involving hickeys. Lots and lots of hickeys. Basically, Kang stood nearly naked on a platform, and invited women to give him love bites all over his body. Why? It's art -- we don't feel the need to explain it to you. (We don't know.)

One woman who visited the exhibition spent over an hour nibbling on the dude before finally dousing him in water -- wait, she lost us. Why the water? That sounds unpleasant. Did we mention Kang also tied a chicken to the front of his crotch? Oh sorry, we forgot that part: He tied a chicken to his crotch. Now you're all caught up.

When asked to explain his work, Kang said, "I hope that my art piece will call out today's youth to seek out the excellent genuine love and feelings of traditional China."  Hickeys, as we all know, are the official salutation of China (not true).

We give him props for having the guts to wear a tiny white bikini bottom in front of a big audience, though we're thinking he probably could've achieved his message with way less embarrassment and pain. Might we suggest a greeting card?

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