Here’s our list of the top 10 goriest games ever to make your stomach turn and to make your parent’s ire rise.

Games are no newcomer to gore. Since their inception, a bit of competition has always been a part of the mix. Pong, for instance, was all about beating your opponent and getting that little pixel past their line of pixels. Since fighting is the ultimate form of competition, it would make sense that some games would delve into the nether regions of dismemberment, blood splatter, and guts.

The following is a list of the 10 goriest games ever. You've been warned.

  • 10

    Fallout 3

    With Fallout 3 came the VATS aiming system which allowed you to strategically place each and every one of your bullet into the appropriate body part with pin-point accuracy. Not only can you freeze time and blast off the limbs of your enemies, but the camera then follows each bullet and you can see every little detail as it decapitates a supermutant. It’s like having bullet time, but only for the blood and guts.

  • 9

    Gears of War Series

    One of your weapons is a gun mounted chain saw. End of discussion.

  • 8

    Silent Hill Series

    Psychological horror is the realm of Silent Hill, but that doesn’t mean that a bit of gore doesn’t creep it’s way in. In between exploring the desolate town, youre treated to grotesqueries of many kinds: people with razor blades for limbs, monsters with feet where their head should be, and a muscular brute with a pyramid for a head who has a penchant for skinning people. Silent hill might be made to mess with your head, but it is gorey enough to turn your stomach.

  • 7


    Sometimes gore is taken to an almost cartoonish level. Madworld is a brilliantly black and white game that features cascading sprays of crimson human juice. In a city overtaken by terrorists and turning into a murder playpen, Jack has to take them down from the inside. Between you and the end of the game are dozens of squishy black and white bodies for you to beat into a bloody pulp, then push them into a car smasher or meat grinder.

  • 6

    Manhunt Series

    Any type of violence or gore is shocking, but Manhunt provides the context to make it all the more horrifying. Subjected to hellish competition against all sorts of unsavory people, you’re encouraged to suffocate, stab, and pummel anyone into submission. Featuring some of the most graphic scenes of murder ever scene in a video game, Manhunt easily slashes it’s way into our 10 goriest games List.

  • 5

    Resident Evil Series

    It is impossible to talk about zombie video games without discussing Resident Evil. There have been good games and there have been bad. But one characteristic is persistent throughout; these games are a gorefest. From the original survival horror roots of the first game, to the all out action bloodbath of Resident Evil 5, each one prominently features fountains of blood emanating from neck stumps. Mutated creatures feast on the living while overly muscled military types kick in the heads of the local undead, regardless of ethnic origin.

  • 4

    Mortal Kombat Series

    The effects of this series creation is still felt today. The creation of the ESRB, or the ratings you see on the back of the box is due to this and a few other games released back in the 90’s There is only one purpose in Mortal Kombat, and that is to mutilate your opponent in any way conceivable. It makes a grandiose show of innards being torn asunder and people being pulled in half. To this day, each game lovingly shoves every laceration, broken bone, or bit of brain matter right up into your face.

  • 3

    God Of War Series

    The series by which each and every hack and slash game is judged by, God Of War is a complete bloodbath. Kratos thinks he can solve his problems my stabbing them into submission. If that doesn’t work, he tries pulling them apart into little tiny pieces. Kratos takes such satisfaction in disembowling centaurs and tearing off Helio’s head with his bare hands. Any game where you’re encouraged to wedge open a minotaur’s mouth and tickle the back of their throat with a blade takes a well deserved place near the top of out 10 goriest video games list.

  • 2

    Dante's Inferno

    Any game where you have to kill hordes of unbaptized demon babies deserves to be high on our list of the top 10 goriest games. Dante’s Inferno follows the warrior Dante as he rips the spine out of Death himself and descends his way into Hell to save his love who was damned for Dante’s sins. Along Dante’s journey, in addition to stabbing every living - well, moving thing he sees, he can also judge famous sinners. But, who wants to absolve anyone? Damn them to a deeper circle of Hell by smashing a cross through their forehead!

  • 1

    Dead Space Series

    If the movie Event Horizon ever had a tie in game, it would have been Dead Space. Number two of the series, in particular, is a veritable interstellar gorefest. The core mechanic of the game is hinged on the dismemberment of your enemies. Each necromorph is a smorgasbord of limbs for you to detach from their blood and pus encrusted bodies. This is a horror game that makes no bones about shoving the most disgusting things in your face. You’re treated to a lovingly rendered, screaming human shaking you while they turn into a necromorph and all of their skin falls off.

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