As true gentleman, there are a few things we’ll never do. These include turning down an opportunity to receive a yoga boner and picking a fight with a grandma. Chivalry is dead these days, so it’s our duty to bring that crap back. While feasting our eyes upon yoga butt will never go out of style, Granny’s the one switching things up recently; Khandace Cossit has got some major beef, and she’s looking for a fight.

Honestly, how scary can a 56-year-old from Sandston, Virginia be? Answer: very.

For starters, she’s 6-foot-5, and her nickname is “jolly green giant." She also has “a penchant for “decking” any man that gets in her way.” Woof. These days, she wants to deck any guy who faces her in an MMA cage fight. Yup, Grandma’s getting nasty.

Before Khandace scares the hell out of us, we have to admit she’s a pretty cool lady who has a knack for a variety of professions. She’s been a burlesque dancer, a security guard, a stripper, a bouncer, and a horse trainer. So why cage fighting? The woman claims, “This just stops me from beating up the general public, god bless ‘em.”

Grandma Khandace hasn’t had any cage fight offers just yet, but we’re wondering who the hell has big enough balls to take on the “jolly green giant."

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