If you collect enough junk, and add up the value, it will eventually be worth something -- especially if you attach all that crap to a limo.

Antti Rahko, a 72-year-old chauffeur from Finland, the proud owner and creator of Finnjet --  a 7,500 pounds, 29-foot long limo made completely from junk scraps. It took Rahko a decade to build the car from scratch, initially using "two Mercedes Benz station wagons joined together, several parts from a 1962 Chrysler Imperial and various components from other vehicles."

The exterior of the car boasts 86 lights, 36 mirrors and two jet engines which filter out the exhaust fumes. The inside can seat up to 10 and comes equipped with a microwave, television, freezer and a couple AC units.

So how did the car obtain its estimated $1M worth? Ebay.

"But now that he’s aging and his health isn’t what it used to be, we’ve heard he’s been trying to sell his limo. It isn’t going to be a cheap buy, though. The last time it was listed on eBay, a couple of years ago, Rahko had quoted a reserve of $950,000."

Anyone interested in seeing, or buying, the car can contact Rahko who lives in...OF COURSE...Florida.

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