If you know how to work the system, you can become a rich man pretty easily these days. Want a free iPhone? Just show off that teeny weeny of yours on a Danish porn site. What about an overpriced reptile? Down a few dozen roaches, avoid death, and BAM-- that $850 snake is yours. But for most of us, the whole “working the system” thing isn’t in the cards, because we’re dumb. Sometimes making a buck requires partaking in uncharacteristically stupid activities, like sticking your head into a huge bucket of urine.

Over the weekend, some guy named Phil went to a Cleveland Browns tailgate. Our pal out in Ohio was hanging out when he was offered a cool $450. Awesome! Except there was a kicker-- he had to stick his head into a vat full of pee, courtesy of some generous bystanders.

“Don’t do it Phil!” instantly gave away this guy’s fate--Phil was doing it. He rubbed some mysterious crap all over his face, made sure his pecs were flexing for the ladies, and went full-on dive into the freshly brewed urine mixture.