Still nursing a New Year’s hangover? Well now you can get rid of your hangover like a celebrity. Here’s how Gwyneth Paltrow suggests you get rid of it.

“Start in a hot, dry room and then move into an even warmer steam room. Then splash yourself with cold water (or even dunk in cold pool or under a cold shower). Follow it with a full body scrubdown, which is typically followed by a massage. At the end you’ll be sent to a cool room to relax and cool down.”

Excellent advice Gwyn. Let's see, a full body scrubdown and massage will run a person about $250-300 dollars but only after they spent $20 on a gym pass because their facility doesn't have a steam room. A couple hundred bucks later and your hangover might be gone, but only if you spent the $5 on a bottle of Advil and a bottle of water.

Instead of bottled water, Gwen suggests getting water fresh from an Andes Mountain stream. You don't live near the Andes? You god damn pauper!