Going to the theater is still the best way to experience a new movie you're psyched about, but there's always been one huge drawback: sitting through the movie trailers.

We can't tell you how many times we've been sitting in our comfy theater chair only to have fifteen minutes of previews, where three different films get ruined for us. It's not enough to show a quick plot summary, all the cast, and an explosion or two. These days trailers seem to pack in the full three acts of the story, showing you absolutely every good scene; by the time you finally see the movie all you can do is await all the parts youalready know are coming.

If this bothers you, you're not alone. The National Association of Theater Owners are coming out with some guidelines to help streamline movie trailers. Firstly, they want all trailers to be two minutes or less, down from nearly three minutes that we get now. NATO also wants to require that trailers cannot be shown more than four months ahead of release of a film. These may seem like minor differences, but could make a big difference when you're sitting in your favorite theater next summer.

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