Get your Evander Holyfield jokes ready.

A man from West Hazleton, Pa., recently had part of his ear chewed off after he got into a fight. What makes it worse is that the man was also arrested. That's what you call a double whammy.

Samuel Baez, 38, is the unlucky, partially ear-less, soul. He reportedly got into a disagreement with two male customers and a female employee in a convenience store. After he was initially thrown out, he came back in and grabbed the woman, prompting another man to grab Baez. They got into a heated physical exchange, at which point the man, in an attempt to get away, chomped down on Baez's ear like a dog attacking a bone.

Cops were summoned and hauled Baez to a hospital, where ear or not, he continued to rant and rave while en route, shouting, "Mark my words I will be going back there, I am going to start a war in Hazleton. There will be Bloods here from all over."

Before he launches his own jihad, though, he's going to have to deal with his own legal woes. Baez has been charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, harassment, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

He's probably also going to need some help fixing it that ear, too. You don't want to walk around looking like the human version of what happens when kids play Operation.