Gearheads have been chomping at the bit to see Honda's news super sports concept car and they just may get their chance at next year's Detroit Auto Show.

TopSpeed reported that the car will also be the first official preview of Honda's new NSX supercar. Honda will also premiere their small sports EV concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, the rumored revival of the S2000. Both are expected to officially hit the showroom floor by 2013.

This may just sound like the random bit of droll news about a futuristic super car that only a Kardashian sister could afford but these two cars could actually mark the start of a new wave of concept cars and the future of automotive design and technology. Not only will they both come in a high performance hybrid or all electric versions, but they are bound to look super futuristic, the way we all imagined cars would look in the future back in the 1980s. Minus the sweet REO Speedwagon window decals.

[Via TopSpeed]